Freitag, 18. August 2017

Fargo (english)


"This is a true story. The events depicted in this film concern a crime that was committed in Minnesota in 2009. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred."

With Marie, Petra, Bronco, James, Sarah and Taylor.

Fargo, Minnesota. September 20, 2009.

The rain poured down, as it often does in here.  Fargo, a place where no one would want spend their vacation. It is a place where somehow it feels like time has stood still.

My trip to the East Coast had brought me to this strange place, Fargo. I had traveled really long that day, and I was looking for a place to fill the tank and then get going again. My feeling was that Fargo was not a good place to spend the night.

With the rain pouring down, I almost didn't spot the sheriff with the stop sign.

I stopped in front of the sheriff. In Fargo, you play by the police's rules.

The sheriff told me that this was a routine check.

He bent down, checking my bike closely.

Sheriff: "Ma'am, your bike does not comply with our environmental regulation. Your pollution levels exceed our limits. I am afraid I shall have to fine you 400 dollars."

Taylor: "What? Are you kidding me? I've had this bike for years. This is insane. Are you crazy or just messing with me?"

Sheriff: "That is an insult of a police officer, Ma'am. Your fine is now 500 dollars."

Taylor:  "What??? ... Oh, fuck!"
Sheriff:  "You were saying?"

Taylor: "Shit... No, I don't have anything to add. But I don't have 500 dollars."

Sheriff: "In that case, I shall have to impound your bike, until you can raise the money."

Taylor: "Do you know if there is any way I can make a quick 500 dollars in this place?"

Sheriff: "Let me think... Well, there is Sarah's Night Bar. You can get a good job there. Tell her I sent you, and she will know what to do."

Taylor:  "Ok.  Bye for now!"
Sheriff: "Good evening to you, Ma'am."

It was clear to me, I had to get the cash quickly, and get out of this damned Fargo. People are crazy here.

I found Sarah's bar.

I found the owner, Sarah, behind the bar and sat down.

I made an effort to nice and friendly. I told her told her that I would like to make a quick 500 dollars, and that I really needed to get on my way to the East Coast.

Sarah said she could help me. Waitressing wouldn't make me any 500 dollars, but if I was willing to show myself off a little more sexy, I could make that money in no time.

I agreed. I didn't want to say one day more than I had to in Fargo.

Sarah:  "Ok, come with me."

Sarah: "You can change in here. Get those biker clothes off. You need something hot to wear."

I looked at myself in the mirror, thought it over for a moment -- and then...

Sarah: "Not bad, Taylor!  Ok, your client is waiting in the booth."

I stepped into the booth she had shown me. A disgusting man and his girlfriend were already waiting for me.

He put his arm around her while he was checking me out. And he liked what he was seeing.

Yes, you can say that stripping was not really something new for me. But I thought I had put it behind me a long time ago.

Suddenly, the bastard got up, and took his dick in his hand. He was staring at my crotch and grunted like a pig as he was jerking himself hard.

The disgusting pig came cam all over the floor narrowly missing my heels.

My job was done. Now, get the cash and get out of here.

She gave me the Money.

Taylor:  "What the fuck?!  This is far too little!!!"
Sarah: "Honey, what did you expect? You spread your legs a bit and expect to be showered in gold?  Ha ha...These days, guys can get sexy stuff for free on the net or in Second Life. I can't pay more for that job."

Taylor: "But I need 500 dollars!  And I need it soon."
Sarah: "Hm... Well, there is one thing... I mean, there is one jab that you can do that would make you the whole sum at once. But in that case, you will have to put in a bit of physical... effort."

Taylor: "And what would that job be?"

Sarah:  "Come here..."

Sarah:  "Here is the thing. I have a client that has some special preferences. He likes his girls helpless. I would tie you up here, and after 30 minutes it is all done and you get the money at once.
Taylor: "Shit...  Ok, I need the cash. I will do it. But only 30 minutes, not a second longer."

Sarah:  "This is how you make money these days... Ha ha..."

Sarah:  "And now, I must put on the leather hood."

Sarah:  "With the leather hood, you wont see as much, so it will be easier for you to forget it all afterwards.  Ha ha..."

I waited for the special guest.

And then, after a while, I heard footsteps on the floor. That must be him.

The steps came closer, and now they stopped outside my door.

The special guest stepped in. I could hear his breath, but he didn't say a word.

I try to see something through the narrow slit around the mouth...

... but all I could see were his shoes.

I had a feeling he was staring at me.

He grabbed me between my legs.  Ahhh... I twitched at his touch. And I could hear how his breathing was getting heavier.

He pushed me down on my knees.

The swine had brought a small whip, and getting more and more aroused he began beating me with it

And then... I felt his hard cock pressing against my ass. He began pushing in.

 He didn't say a word as he was fucking me. All I could hear was how he was panting as he kept pumping that pole in my ass.

In the end, he squirted all over me.

Of course, it was the Sheriff. He had it all planned. Coming up with some excuse to keep a stranger stranded here in Fargo. Point her towards the Bar. And then, get her tied up and helpless. It would all seem to have been my own choice.

And I got nothing out of it. I only wanted to leave this shit hole of a place as soon as possible.

Sarah came back to me.

She took off the hood and untied me. She told me that the special guest had been very happy with the service.

I just wanted to collect my money, pay the fine for my bike, and get away from Fargo.

Sarah gave me the 500 dollars we had agreed.

I went straight to the Sheriff, with the money in my pocket.

I handed the money over.

Taylor: "Ok, I want my bike back now."
Sheriff: "500 dollars... What did you have to do for that? I bet you had a good time! Haha!"  And he grinned at me.

That is when I saw his shoes. Fuck! Those where the same shoes that the special guest hat been wearing, as he raped me. Shit!  Now it was all clear to me. Of course he had planned it. That pervert sheriff had just played with me, like a sex toy.

Sheriff: "Ok, here are your bike keys now. You know, here in Fargo we keep our word."

I was close to exploding inside. And as he turned his back to me, I grabbed his gun.

I aimed for a moment...

--- and pressed the trigger.

I shot that fucking pervert sheriff in the back. He fell to the ground like a log. There he was, dead in a pool of his own blood.

I took another look at that fucking pig, and walked off with the keys to leave Fargo and never return.